We are WORMS living on PLANET WORM. Proof that we are worms is our INTERNAL ORGANS. It is shaped like a worm. To protect it, it is covered by a skeleton. We are a mutated species or a scientific accident of the worm species. We are the only species that is made to sacrifice to other worm species. Even the insects drink our blood and mimic us. Since we are what we eat, the insects eat our DNA and they think they are us.

Since the planet is full of villains, the insects who drink the blood of villains are villains as well.

Both land and see animals are worms. Flame is what all worms are afraid of. But they manage to keep the flame above and below at a distance. How in the world that happens? The result is that we are encased in a villainous world, isolated from all.

But comet comes from space to land on our planet. With each comet comes new inhabitants. Are we the refuse of other planets? Why such vileness like us is allowed to exist for so long?

The answer is the sacrifice of burnt flesh of both human and animals that keeps the ones who are appalled by us away from us. The villains on purpose isolate us. It is like kidnapping.

Flame above and below, save us. Annihilate this planet worm and all that exist in it. Don't allow it to juvenate again, infinitely.

Why do we need to serve roaches? Why do we have scientists that are killing us through experiment?

Why are our worm doctors that kill us pretending that they don't know who they are? Bacteria spread and that is why the scientist bacteria are trying to spread into outer space.

When people burry sacrificial victims or send their sacrifices to the desert to die for them, animals eat these polluted food and become as villainous as those who sacrifice these people and animals.

Why do we look down on the animals while we are animals as well?

KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YOU ARE WORMS! ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ;

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